The things we do for love

I’ve got a theory that says anything made with love and passion and humility can do you no harm. Not only that, but it tastes so much better too. I think that’s the thing about Italian food. In fact, after opening a new Gourmet Traveller this morning over breakfast with the shiny ads and self-congratulatory reviews of menus I personally would never want to eat even if they paid me, ne sono convinta.

It’s personal I know. And of course the same glossy pages are filled with words like passion and provenance and local but the motivation I suspect might just be a little skewed. For my taste at least.

Laboratorio Pasticceria Lupi, Perugia

I think back to the best meals I’ve ever had. Not even meals so much as single things: the best bread, the best gelato, the best cornetto in the morning, the best caffe’. None of those experiences have been in places ever likely to grace the pages of GT. They’ve been in places like this tiny pasticceria, still baking right in the centre of Perugia and making the most sublime crostata di prugne you’ll ever taste. In my humble opinion of course.

But thinking about it just now, humble might just be the operative word.

Pasticceria Lupi Via Della Viola, 33 Perugia Italy 075 572 1677


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    • janinevasta August 26, 2012

      Thanks Heather. I appreciate your comments. For me, your work and lifestyle in Italy go way beyond the magazines. But it really grates when you read what passes for food writing these days I agree. And with very ordinary coffee nudging 3 euro a cup in Melbourne it’s really starting to miss the point I think.

    • janinevasta August 26, 2012

      Exactly Debra. In Italy I have been known to follow workers in white overalls to see where they were going for lunch…. I read GT too I must say, but much more the Traveller than the Gourmet!

  1. JeannieRichard August 25, 2012

    Ahh Janine! Just the other night I was saying to Richard while eating bread… we eat a lot of bread… ‘what am I eating? i feel like i am not eating bread. every shop taste the same. i am beginning to forget what bread truly tastes like!’
    that’s the problem here, where every shop is being stylized to be a part of some glossy magazine lifestyle advertisement.
    they just LOOK like it but don’t TASTE like it. the whole meaning is all lost.
    we all got to make meaning in everything we do, we believe, we say.

    • janinevasta August 26, 2012

      I know exactly what you mean Jeannie. It is totally a case of styling and ‘the look’ over substance. It goes on here too. I mean fashion and design is one thing but when that starts happening with food I really despair!

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