The September issue

I have September to thank for this blog. My two most important Italy stories have both been in September. The first over two decades ago changed the course of my life forever though I didn’t know it at the time. The second let me know it had all happened for a reason. That I’d been right all along.

I’m being cryptic I know, but I have to be. It’s not a story I can tell out loud but at the same time it’s too important to hold inside. At least not all the time. And because the blog and you all are such a huge part of my life now (it’s been almost a year) it doesn’t feel right to sit here, September going on all around me, and not say how just the word starts a movie running in my head.

It’s the strangest thing.

Ha, I wonder what Anna would say!


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    • janinevasta September 7, 2012

      It made my day to hear that Debra. Thank you. I’d have loved another lunch in Rome with you two! I hope Wendy has been having a marvellous time. Her Italian must be brilliant! It all makes me want to get back even more….Give your gorgeous village my regards!

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  2. jann September 7, 2012

    Madonna! Janine, it seems you are bursting with these secret stories. Now I’m on the edge of my chair!!!! I’ve always loved September, too. It feels more like a time of “new beginnings” than January does.

    • janinevasta September 7, 2012

      Porca miseria Jann! Had to say that. I loved your salute so much!
      I know what you mean. Even though I’m in Australia most of the year, I tend to live the rhythms of the year in line with the north and so September is a new beginning in my mind too. Autumn is also very much my season. How wonderful to have you on the edge of your chair. I don’t mean to tease. Really I don’t…;-)

    • janinevasta September 11, 2012

      I can’t say how lovely it is to have you back Lily. I’ve missed you! I’m delighted to think this post might have made you smile…. It says it all and nothing at the same time I know, but you always manage to read between the lines. x

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