Perfect pitch

Oh to live a while where a children’s football game played on a pop-up pitch smack in the middle of a medieval hill town feels like the most natural thing in the world.

Buon weekend a tutti!


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    • janinevasta September 15, 2012

      I do love it Jann. Italian children are seriously cute it’s true. These little ones were trying so hard while everyone else was just delighting in the spectacle. It was the most beautiful theatre you could wish to see. I miss that sort of thing.

  1. Shelagh September 15, 2012

    Janine I see your love come through post after post and it gives me tremendous pause (in a good way) as I’m dealing with a quandary of my own about whether or not to continue with the humungous task of Godzillavilla. You may have noticed I’ve been silent for some time…I think I might finally be ready to express my dilemma soon. Your blog gives me a form of support – regardless of the outcome of my quandary – that I find very valuable.

    Thanks 🙂

    • janinevasta September 15, 2012

      Carissima, I have noticed your silence of course. And wondered about you often. I’d put it down to the northern summer. I am sorry to hear you’re facing a dilemma. The project is as humungous and daunting as it is exciting I imagine. And then there’s everything else….I am delighted if my post are a small distraction for you. Don’t hesitate if you want swap an email or two. Sending you a big encouraging hug Shelagh. Jx

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