Other people’s cars


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    • Janine September 17, 2012

      I wish I could oblige Jann….I had no idea you had an eye for cars too! Perugia Open night sounds more risque’ than it should I think. But the gist is that the shops in the centre stay open until late during summer on a Thursday. Something like that. Though I don’t know if much shopping was going on. When I was there it felt more like a street party!

    • Janine September 17, 2012

      Thanks for saying so Cathy! All these car fanatics coming out of the woodwork!!! The old cars in Italy have a certain charm don’t they. Not unlike their owners in some cases, it has to be said 😉

      • Cathy Powell September 17, 2012

        You’re welcome. I’ve always loved cars. I’ll have to post a photo I took in Perugia of a car outside a shop one of these days! Old Italian cars have bucket loads of charm – I do agree with you.

  1. Denise September 18, 2012

    I thought the same thing Jeannie! Especially in the rear view mirror of the blue car-third photo down. Your photo posts without words are much more engaging than a written story! I love them!

    • Janine September 19, 2012

      Well I’m bound to turn up one day Denise. How sweet you should be looking out for me!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I am delighted the photo stories appeal. They are such great fun to do.

    • Janine September 19, 2012

      Ma forse erano tra gli anni migliori???? Non so. Non guardo quasi mai in dietro in verita’ ma immagino gli anni 50 in Italia fossero elegantissimi, incluse le macchine naturalmente. x

      • marilovesgr33n September 19, 2012

        In realtà non lo so neanche io ovviamente. Dovrei chiedere a mia nonna, mia mamma era ancora troppo piccola…ma forse hai ragione tu, però a 62 anni di distanza non essere cambiati ci rende un pò, come dire, fermi nel tempo. un bacio cmq e grazie per farmi pensare un pò di più sul mio Paese

    • janinevasta September 22, 2012

      Thanks Lisa! Lovely to hear from you. Your little mini was waiting there patiently every day when I passed the garage. It looked like it was just yearning to be taken for a spin!
      I would love to meet up in Melbourne. It’s a date! Jx

  2. Robyn September 23, 2012

    The mini under the carefully erected canopy in the car park is adorable! That is one loved car. And the old man in his Fiat Cinquecento is so charming. My soon-to-be 18 daughter covets one with passion! (Er, the car not the old bloke!) Have you seen them with the eyelashes? Gorgeous! Was interested to note the sign in English saying “Perugia is Open Night”. How intriguing!

    • Janine September 23, 2012

      That little mini must be very well-loved Robyn, but sadly I didn’t see it leave it’s garage for all the time I was in Perugia! Haha, much better that your little girl has a thing for 500’s than Italian men of a certain age. She’d be safe enough at Perugia is Open though. 😉 It’s really just an excuse for another street party with the shops open! And open to everyone which is another thing I love about Italy.

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