Say it with stripes

I was just preparing a new post about my magical few days with the lovely Debra of Bella Bagni di Lucca fame back in May, when I thought this doorway we saw deserved to be singled out for some special attention….


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    • Janine September 30, 2012

      Thank you so much Meg. Artistic is the word, you’re right. Did you notice the wonky timber branch keeping the curtain in place? It’s all the little details I think that make it such a special door.
      Goodness, if the owners knew we we’re blogging about their door from the other side of the world, I wonder what they’d say! 😉

    • Janine October 3, 2012

      I know what you mean Robyn. It’d require the removal of that precarious looking stick, but I would love to sneak a look inside… Bound to be gorgeous and original I’d say, judging by that rather fancy fanlight… Shall we?

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