Signs of life


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  1. jann September 29, 2012

    Oh, how I love those bright red curtains at the Macelleria! So funny. And what a name: Osteria No. 1!!!! (It doesn’t look particularly inviting inside, but I think I’d have to try it just for its gutsy name. :))

  2. lily September 30, 2012

    I laughed aloud at HAIR. I did need a good laugh, so thank you brilliant one for capturing this. I love the diagonal lines behind the sign, in addition to the man’s hair and demeanor, the expressions of the two men. Love other signs too, beside weathered wood and stone walls, and lovely hand painted hats, for instance. Thank you and I hope you are well, dear Janine. ~ Lily

    • Janine September 30, 2012

      You are so very welcome Lily. To know that I might make you laugh, even smile, every so often makes me very happy. Your comment was just what I needed to hear too, so we’re even! I love your eye for detail. I would have loved to go into the Hair ‘salon’. Those diagonals and the door itself hint at a full on seventies dream don’t you think? Mint condition too I bet….Wishing you a wonderful Autumn week dear Lily. Be happy. Jx

  3. JeannieRichard September 30, 2012

    Ever did a post on ‘window shopping’? I’d love to peek into the different cultures of each shop – their unique story. Don’t have to be big brands, instead the small shops are the ones that sometimes come up with really quirky and stimulating concepts ;D

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