Fairy bread


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    • Janine October 3, 2012

      Sinceramente sono d’accordo con te Elisa! Preferisco il pane molto piu’ semplice. Anzi, a Perugia amo addirittura il pane sciapo. Mi manca tanto. No so te… Cmnq a Londra mi ricordo quant’era difficile trovare il pane buono. Spero che non sia ancora cosi’!! X

    • Janine October 3, 2012

      O Robyn, I really am getting impatient for our one-of-these-days meet-up in Perugia!!! We’ll be sure to find this torta on offer though. It’s just about as popular as baci! x

    • Janine October 4, 2012

      Well seeing this is a traditional torta umbra and there are just sooooo many good things to eat in Roma and Milano, I do believe you Mari! Let’s say this is just another good reason for you to fare un salto a Perugia????!! Che ne dici? xx

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