Fifty shades of grey

In Perugia I love roaming the back streets. There’s hardly ever anyone much around. I like to listen to the silence. Though sometimes you hear footsteps or the sound of someone working or playing music or having an argument through the windows above your head. I like that too.


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    • janinevasta October 7, 2012

      That’s great to hear Cathy! I actually ate there too for the first time on my last visit. It’s been there forever and the host thinks he’s quite a legend in his own lifetime…! There’s a recent Italy bio book by an Australian girl that mentions this place. I think that’s what finally convinced me to give it a try. I’m very happy the red moto give you a smile!!! Jx

    • janinevasta October 7, 2012

      Lisa, thank you cara! What a gorgeous comment! I know we see things with a similar eye and I have to say I know what you mean….;-) These photos reflect my thoughtful mood today. Un abbraccio. xx

    • Janine October 8, 2012

      Thank you Jann!!! I love your comment and I loved having you there, keeping me company Jann… Those dark and moody streets are a little less intimidating ‘in due’. 😉 xx

    • Janine October 11, 2012

      Lovely to see you here, and thank you for such a fabulous compliment!!! It makes me so happy to think I might be inspiring people to come and discover Italy for themselves. It’s a real photographer’s paradise.

    • Janine October 11, 2012

      Nina, how lovely to hear your voice again. I should have known…the cat shot is for you. I miss you too! I hope Autumn in Prague is beautiful and restoring both of you after a torrid summer. Do post again soon with some of those beautiful Umbrian autumn colours…. x

    • Janine October 11, 2012

      Our Italy just makes it so easy sometimes Carla. Beauty and fascination at every turn, just as you say. And not just visual. I love that clicking together of coffee cups you hear passing a bar or the smell of sugo cooking round 11am….Just as you do. Thank you!! You can imagine how lovely it is to have your thoughts. x

  1. lily October 10, 2012

    Gorgeous photos, Janine. I love your choices for the first and last in the series, too; walking towards the light, and kitty walking away. And, I can nearly hear the sound of your footsteps on the paving stones: slight sharpness, slight echo.
    I notice throughout that there is light at the end of the tunnel(s). That’s encouraging.
    Happiness to you dear Janine, ~ Lily

    • Janine October 11, 2012

      Grazie Lily!!! You are absolutely right my dear, as ever. There is always light forcing its way through, leading us on… I love that you could see that. And that you could hear the silence too… x

  2. Robyn October 11, 2012

    My god Janine. These are stunning! Love them, love them, love them. In fact, I think you should enter these in a photographic competition. At the very least, they would make a great collection for a wall.

    • Janine October 11, 2012

      Thank you so so so much Robyn! Your comments are always thrilling and this one is overwhelming. Grazie!!! Well, you my dear can be the first customer at my new online gallery shop….. Coming soon!!! 🙂 xxx

      • Robyn October 22, 2012

        Oooooooooooooooh! This is intriguing news indeed! Can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

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