My Beautiful Laundrette

It feels like my days are spinning at 1600rpm right now. Life is expanding (at last) and I love being busy. And yes, Italy is at the centre of it all…. So I bear with me if posts are a little sparse. Normal transmission will resume as soon as possible.

Lavanderia Self-Service Corso Cavour (Via Colomba) Perugia, Italy


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      • johna666 November 5, 2012

        Oh Janine sorry I mist this reply,. Careful now I may take you up on that offer, only being 1hr 45 away in Orvieto……or did you mean Melbourne, in which case you are safe!!!! x

      • janinevasta November 5, 2012

        I’m game if you are Brian. If I end up ironing in Perugia – and you just never know – I’ll make sure you know where to find me!

    • janinevasta October 18, 2012

      You know what Jann, the minute I wrote that post, I just knew I wouldn’t/couldn’t stay away for long. Sometimes the more you have to do the more you get done. I’m sure you know what I mean but part of me hopes the languid sicilian lifestyle has knocked that out of you! 😉 x

    • janinevasta October 18, 2012

      O dear….sorry to hear that! I can assure you this little gem as you so rightly call it smells as immaculate as it looks. I would love to launder there! I’d love to know what you found, on the other hand, on your travels….do tell.

    • janinevasta October 19, 2012

      Thanks for asking Janie! Let’s say I’m moving closer to Italy. It’s early days but a new enterprise is in start up phase. Bringing a touch more Umbria/Italy style to Australia… I can’t cook like you but this should be another good chance to head back more often…Cryptic enough for you? ;-)x

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