Where have all the flowers gone?

Spring is in the air. The days are long, getting longer. Wool feels itchy just looking at it. And yet I can’t help feeling we’re missing a trick here. There’s a horse race next week, of course. But where are the people’s parades, the costumes, the colours, the out-with-the-old, the frippery? The funny, poignant sagre of the fragola and the porchetta and gli umbricelli fatti a mano with locals serving locals from big, improvised, communal kitchens and not a drawcard celebrity in sight?

I wish I knew.


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  1. umbriascribe November 3, 2012

    As we’re in the thick of the Festa del Bosco in Montone–just what you’ve described–I wish you could be here with us! I’m going back today to do some photography, which I’ll post for you (and everyone else 🙂 ). Come back soon.

    • janinevasta November 5, 2012

      I am looking forward to your post already Nina. Your little invitations to come back soon every so often really keep me going….Don’t stop! 😉 It’s been a tough, busy time. Exciting. But I’d so love a little time out you know where. Enjoy the festivities. I can imagine how magical it all is.

    • janinevasta November 5, 2012

      You got the wistful very right dear Lily 😉 Thank you for your caring way, as always. It’s as if everyone is running headlong into Christmas and Spring I think simply deserves its due. The in between seasons have always been my favourites. x

  2. johna666 November 21, 2012

    Janine, hope all is well with you, Here in Lazio/ umbria a beautiful autumn sunny day and warm, so much better than the UK, lets hope there isn’t a repeat of last Febuary’s snow next year, but even that was nice in a funny sort of way, like being in the UK but withought the errr Brit’s!!!!.if you know what I mean.But at least, we knew it was going to get better, unlike the UK. still no flat in Orvieto yet!! getting desperate.but not dispondate.YET.

    • janinevasta November 23, 2012

      Lovely to hear from you Brian… Hang on! It will all be worth it. I am of course super envious of your flat hunting challenge. Just make sure it’s got heating for the winter. Orvieto will be wonderful for you. I’ve got a feeling! Hopefully not too many Brits so your Italian will flourish too. Take care and lots of updates. Mi raccommando!

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