I don’t want to talk about it


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    • janinevasta November 11, 2012

      There may be new notices by now Cathy. I hope so, but then again I like the abstract, torn look too. Kind of goes with the territory in that particular part of Perugia especially. I thought on that day it looked quite taciturn and a bit forlorn…hence my title. I’m happy to talk about it really 😉 Buona domenica pure a te!!!

  1. lily November 12, 2012

    The top photo is very cool, could be a painting, photo-realism (subject? lighting? idk why, it’s just what came to mind).
    Hope your eyes are smiling, Janine, despite this rather neglected little notice-board. ~ Lily

      • Anna November 14, 2012

        No prob! I’ve really enjoyed your blog – even more since coming back from Perugia this summer and realizing I had fallen deeply in love with the place and was a little heartbroken to not be there any longer…

      • janinevasta November 15, 2012

        In a way I hope your heartbreak doesn’t last too long Anna. But there are worse things than leaving your heart in Italy…;-) But I’d say that! Will you be heading back any time soon?

    • janinevasta November 14, 2012

      I’m pretty sure the man with the van charged with posting the new and taking down the old might have been the culprit. But I rather liked his work. Especially in the sunlight…But that’s me for you!

    • janinevasta November 21, 2012

      Non essere triste! Call me an Italy tragic, but I LOVE the wear and tear and the forgotten bits than only I see. Or so it seems. My secret Italy. Maybe the Italians maintain other things in their lives. In fact I know they do…;-) x

  2. Anna November 21, 2012

    (Tried to reply in the original thread, but there wasn’t a ‘Reply’ button – sorry). I hope to go back soon, but it might be a couple of years before I can afford it again. Luckily, one of my best friends lives in Croatia, so I’ve got an easy excuse to head to that part of the world!

    • janinevasta November 21, 2012

      You got there in the end Anna! Brava! Lovely to hear you’ve got plan. Two years fly by and then sentimental reasons, friendships and great memories are the best incentives. It’s always just a question of priorities. Croatia is lovely by all accounts too! Good for you!

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