Pipe dreams

Funny things dreams. As inconvenient as they are beautiful sometimes. Non trovi?

Green pipe peach wallFilled archway and downpipeWindow grille and pipeRed letterbox, panel and pipes

Beige wall brown pipe

Pipe, sticker and rusty panel

Panels and pipesOrange downpipe


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  1. jann December 3, 2012

    These pipe dreams are absolutely lovely!! Especially that last one on that stunning wall: Abstract in Mandarin-Pink #34. I think, Janine, that we’re both in love with decay…

  2. orvietoorbust December 3, 2012

    Janine…will you pipe down? (Sorry couldn’t resist). Apologize for being out of touch lately. Getting settled and working a lot and so I have been neglectful of my good friend. When are you planning to back in the “hood” so to speak? Hugs. t

    • Janine December 3, 2012

      No need to apologise Toni – for anything! I’m pleased if the pipework tickled your fancy! So pleased to hear you’re busy. Busy is good! You know, writing this it’s amazing to think of you there for keeps! No bigger incentive for me to do the same. Working hard myself – everything crossed I will see you in March…. Scrivimi! Bacio xx

  3. somers72karlsomers72 December 5, 2012

    I love this. I went to Perugia in 2007 and it blew my mind away. I wrote a few poems about and in my back brain it lives for ever,I remember the coffee mornings down alley ways and music echoing through the vanilla and banana colored streets, what a beautiful place. Long live Perugia x

    • janinevasta December 5, 2012

      Your comment has made my day! Perugia is a gentle, beautiful, calming place but full of life – past and present. It’s easy to fall in love and impossible to forget after you do. I know exactly what you mean. And I’d love to read one of your poems….Thank you for stopping by Karl. Torna presto!

  4. lily December 5, 2012

    Ha, you are so clever, Janine, and wonderful photos as usual. Thank you for sharing them with us humble appreciators. : ) My life is a bit crazy lately, but not in a bad way. I am processing. Hope all is well with you. Time for some piping-hot tea, for me. ~ Lily

      • janinevasta December 5, 2012

        Dear Lily…I must make an odd sight on the streets of PG staring and waiting for the light to fall just so on a rusty, crumbling piece of wall with its wonky pipes sticking out. I as I do I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for seeing things the same way. x

    • janinevasta December 5, 2012

      You are so sweet Lily but I am the humble servant here! I just follow my heart. As for you my dear, crazy times can lead to new adventures and new adventures can take us anywhere. I know something wonderful is waiting just around the corner for you. How lovely it would be to sip tea (although mine would be short and coffee flavoured) together one afternoon. Until then…xx

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