Bunting baby

DSC03056 DSC04834 Flag bunting Perugia


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  1. jann December 29, 2012

    OK, Janine. Now you’re going to need to explain this…. Uh, what do these little prayer-flag like thingies mean in Umbria? Someone’s had a baby? Am I taking you too literally??? (In Sicily, they put a pink or blue bow on the door…)

    • janinevasta December 29, 2012

      Just me being absurd Jann I think….:-) The baby in the title was definitely an afterthought. Though I love the pink and blue bow on the door thing. It suits Sicily but the Umbri tend to be a bit lower key from what I can see…
      Bunting just makes me smile. I saw so much of it in the stores this Christmas – and it looks like a bit of a minor interior decorating trend here right now. But in PG I saw quite a lot of old bunting left over from, magari, una festa di quartiere, and that resonated a lot more. End of the year and all that too. Parties and nostalgia – i know you’re thinking along similar lines from your post this morning. Mixed emotions…. All this said assuming in the states they use the word bunting. Otherwise I’m really in trouble! xx

  2. Debra Kolkka December 30, 2012

    Last year for the anniversary of the unification of Italy somebody strung up across the main street in La Villa 3 pieces of fabric, one red, one white and one green to represent the Italian flag. It all eventually sagged in the middle, got very wet and drab….and I loved it. It features on my post about the celebration, but it hung there for ages before somebody took it down.

    • janinevasta December 30, 2012

      Love it Debra!!!! That’s such an Italian story. I remember flying into Dubai on the first of January. Early. Not a sign of the fireworks or the party of the night before. In fact you could tell the streets were freshly washed. I know where I’d rather be….buon anno tesoro

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