On reflection

Vetrina Maesta' della VolteVia delle Volte PerugiaSandri delizie DSC02261 Vetrina Patrizia Pepe FIVetrina Via Calderoni PerugiaBottega Corso GaribaldiTimberland Corso Vannucci


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    • janinevasta December 31, 2012

      Sounds like I captured all the best things without really trying Cathy! Thank you! I hope the cravings aren’t too much to bear…;-) I’m craving being in Italy tonight to celebrate another new year. I love the idea of a proper last supper for the year, everyone dressed up to celebrate and then fireworks of course….I hope your English version is just as romantic!

  1. jann December 31, 2012

    Oh my goodness, Janine. I “need” those brown boots, bag and leather jacket (and that mannequin’s body too, please). And a very interesting shot of the gorgeous church turned shop.

    • janinevasta December 31, 2012

      You know a good look when you see one Jann, that’s for sure….;-) That gorgeous boutique is one of my faves in Perugia. Apart from the glorious setting, it you can peel your eyes off the frescoed ceiling the clothes are always special. Just pack the credit card….xxx

  2. JeannieRichard December 31, 2012

    And you know what I would be doing ~ trying to spot you in the reflection ~ but nope, cheeky Janine is too clever for that, she hides herself from the lens and remains so focused on the shots 🙂
    Undoubtedly, every lady loves those camel and denim outfits!!! X

    • janinevasta December 31, 2012

      O yes, camel and denim never fails to illicit a response! As you would well know. 😉 Thank you for looking out for me Jeannie. That makes me smile. I will catch myself out one day for sure and I hope lovely little you’ll be there to spot me! xx

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