Looking up

Ready or not, the new year is slowly but surely gathering pace. Monday will be the first day back for a few of us, the Monday afer a few more and so on until January is over again. It won’t take long either.

This year feels like a good one though. I’m not optimistic by nature, try as I might. And yet I can’t help but sense the winds of change for the better blowing my way.

It’s been a while.

Perugia looking up

When I was in Italy mid 2012, an admirer of the blog gave me a gift. An oil painting, no less. German Expressionist c. 1940 we thought, judging by the canvas. My benefactor said I was to do with my painting whatever I liked, but that he hoped I could use it to get back to Italy sooner. He was thinking ebay. But like the hopeless romantic I am, there it hangs in my room. Newly framed. Pride of place, right above the desk.

I look up at it often when I’m writing the blog actually. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last before I close my eyes to sleep. ‘Guarda che si fa presto ad affezionarsi’ warned the admirer. And he was right. But it’s also true that everyday that painting’s there, it reminds me that someone had faith. Has faith in what I do. What I might still become. And that’s a big thing. Bigger than he realised perhaps. Or perhaps he knew all along.

It’s nice to think so.


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  1. jann January 6, 2013

    Janine-what a lovely story!!! I’m glad you’re feeling optimistic about 2013. Sometimes you’ve got to have patience, and waiting can be sooooo hard. A WONDERFUL photo.

    • janinevasta January 6, 2013

      You are always there keeping me going Jann. Thank you. I do patience pretty well even if I do say so myself….;-) Maybe it’s impatience I should try this year? And thank you for the sweet note about the photo too. xx

    • janinevasta January 8, 2013

      I definitely think it does Shelagh! 😉 Almeno speriamo! I’m keeping it close by in any case. I lose myself in it every so often so if nothing else it’s helping me calm. 😉 x

  2. Robyn January 9, 2013

    I feel this is a very special blog, Janine. That photo is fantastic, for starters. One of the best pieces of advice I was given before beginning my travels was to remember to look up, as many of the best things to be seen and enjoyed are above eye level. This photo reminded me of that. Also, I love the way it takes us out of the shadows towards the light. My dear friend, I hope that 2013 takes you out of the shadows into the light.

    As for the painting from your benefactor, what an amazing, generous gesture! Can’t say I blame you for hanging the painting on your wall. Perhaps its greatest value is in inspiring you, day after day, to follow your dreams.

    Looking forward to seeing you in July – absolutely gagging for a decent cappuccino. xoxo

    • janinevasta January 11, 2013

      Dear Robyn…..Of course you get the picture – pun intended – straight away. It sounds so cliched but I get so much from that painting on the wall. It’s one that you see something new in every day. As for ‘into the light’…..I have a blog post draft filed away with that very title. Do you remember how Perugia is a constant switch from dark streets to light at the end of the tunnel? That sort of thing. It was almost too much when I read the same line in your comment. Your coffee awaits! xx

  3. lily February 4, 2013

    So sounds like you, dear Janine. You would of course hang onto the inspiration rather than take the money.
    Italia in 2013 sounds divine; I shall pray on your behalf. Honestly I will. ~ Lily (i like the b&w photo too… look up, look up.)

    • janinevasta February 7, 2013

      And I for you dear Lily. For all that you want and hold most dear, even if it’s just out of reach for now. May 2013 bring all your heart desires within your dainty grasp. (And you know me well 😉 xox

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