Stars in stripes

Corso Vannucci stripes


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    • janinevasta February 12, 2013

      You know Cathy. I seem to have eyes for those trendy Italian men most days of the week. In fact I must put my hand up to preferring a suit to a polo shirt but I must admit these guys certainly know how to rock a polo shirt. I fear the dress sense of the men in the UK rivals only that of their Australian counterparts. But you can come back to me on that one! xx

    • janinevasta February 12, 2013

      How funny Jann! Not even the mannequin in the window is safe from these guys. Is that the lady you were referring to? The collar thing is a reserve of the Italian male I’m afraid. Not even as the sun blazes and the wind whips will you see anyone here have the good sense and style to use a collar as it might be used!!!! I am on the verge of a rant here! But I know you get it. xx

  1. Helen February 19, 2013

    Well, polo shirts don’t normally do it for me – but in this case I’m ready to make an exception! Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the upturned collar tho – ghost of yuppies past 😉 And I see the Italians have re-invented the sporran…

    • janinevasta February 21, 2013

      Never say never Helen. Personally if the collar is up for a reason – sun, wind, cold – then it’s legitimate. Too many polo shirt collars have been raised in the name of vanity alone, I couldn’t agree more. Never a good look….;-) Need to go and study the sporran situation now! Take care carissima…

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