An elegant life

Not fame, not riches, not even recognition. But elegance, yes.

Her limitations and her endless potential, maybe destined to remain unfulfilled, change little. But at least to understand where it is she belongs, to be at peace on the inside. There’s no being truly elegant without it.

boutique pg


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      • Maple&Saffron February 22, 2013

        Me too! It’s like a quick jump into the past, a magical medieval atmosphere…I do love Perugia, I totally fell in love with it! I come every summer for the jazz festival…the city becomes heaven for me! Amazing!

  1. jann February 22, 2013

    Too too chic! The dress reminds me of something my mother might have worn in the 60s, and if I could find such a thing on sale I’d snap it right up. I love the text accompanying these photos, too.

    • janinevasta February 22, 2013

      Thank you, thank you dear Jann! You can never do better than a really good dress, I always say 😉 All the better when you find it somewhere special like this and every time you wear it takes you back to that moment and reminds you how you felt and who you were….. Italy does that so well I think. xx

  2. paninigirl February 24, 2013

    I would love to have that wonderful sense of style that the Italians just seem to innately possess. On the other hand I have also seen some of the craziest outfits on women of a certain age who really should look at themselves in a mirror!

    • janinevasta February 26, 2013

      Are you thinking Milano, Janie???? 😉 What I love best and this particular boutique in the photo is a classic – is when the signore di una cert’ eta’ come in a talk about their latest sartorial acquisitions or vintage finds with the abandon and delight of a teenager. It just makes my spirits soar somehow! x

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