Keep calm and dream on

Book club pink

Could be the scariest weirdest bit is when a dream starts to become reality. Take a breath I tell myself. Have faith. In yourself. Trust. Reach out. Act like it’s all totally normal. Like it’s meant to be. Because you know what? If you can dream it you can do it.


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  1. jann March 1, 2013

    Well, my dear. I think what’s weird & scary about having a long-held dream & then it starting to come true, is that you fear the reality will not quite match up to the fantasy. But I sure hope you will soon fly on the wings of your dream. (You make me laugh, though, at the secretive way you hide clues!!!)

    • janinevasta March 2, 2013

      I am nothing if not cryptic Jann I know. Sorry about that, but knowing I make you laugh makes me smile too.

      I know exactly what you’re saying. Dreaming big requires courage. I’ve scaled back but I’m fine with that for now. The journey is starting to get interesting…xox

  2. Helen March 2, 2013

    Sounds like something really exciting is afoot! Fingers crossed for you 🙂 Beautiful photo, btw. And love the super-pretty bracelets. I hadn’t come across Cruciani before so that’s another lovely discovery – thankyou!

    • janinevasta March 2, 2013

      Fingers crossed indeed. Thank you Helen! I really appreciate your words. Hopefully I’ll be off to Italy in a month or two to find more products for a new business venture finding and presenting beautiful Italian things… like those lovely Cruciani bracelets. Sooo happy they caught your eye. xx

      • Helen March 4, 2013

        That is exciting Janine! Great idea! Very best of luck with that. Keep us updated with your progress 🙂

  3. marilovesgr33n March 6, 2013

    Sono d’accordissimo con quello che scrivi qui. Ho imparato, sulla mia pelle, e grazie anche al mio blog che se sogni con tutta te stessa, e se ci credi abbastanza…qualcosa si avvera…è una soddisfazione enorme che fa piangere di felicità. bellissimo post. mi sei mancata amica. xxx

  4. Robyn April 5, 2013

    That is a superb quote by the visionary Walt Disney … and look what he did with a dream and a mouse! Keep believing in the dream, Janine, and you can make magic happen too. 🙂 x

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