Ideas for your next travel destination

Find a place, a room, somewhere to call home for a while. Somehere you’ve always thought you belonged and see how it feels. If nothing else, the change will do you good.

But chances are you’ll learn all about yourself without even trying.

Door to a house on Corso Cavour, Perugia

Door to a house in Borgo XX Giugno, Perugia


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  1. johna666 March 3, 2013

    As it is here in Bolsena with me at the moment………home is where my head hits a pillow and I don’t care, it’s Italy.UK Spain, Germany, Brazil…….this is my home!!!!, my version of WAR and PEACE is is in the making for you…..soon. Abbracci. B

    • johna666 March 3, 2013

      Ciao Denise, how about a caffe in the corso one day????. Love Orvieto,.Today I droped off a German Lady friend at Orvieto station.But no time to go into town, From Brian from Bolsena.

  2. johna666 March 3, 2013

    Hey Jann…Janine…it’s Brian actualy, but I answer to anything!!!!, sorry to use your site to ,make a date!!.But when are you coming back to Perugia janine.??????????, Denise let me know when is convienient.

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