An open and shut case

purple shutters DSC00404Close up shuttersDSC04904Office windowWindows PG centroYellow wall Porta Sole Case Via Appia


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  1. Robyn March 12, 2013

    Your talent for clever titles never ceases to impress and amuse! I love the top image with all the pastel tones. Also the next with the seductive umber-coloured building, the colour of which originated, of course, in Umbria!!

  2. lily March 15, 2013

    All of the shuttering and shuddering we do in life… and like a true Romantic, I know that the world–at least mine and yours–understands. Shadows, pastels… you have such a good eye for composition and design, Janine. It is a treat to view how and what you see. ~ Lily

    • janinevasta March 16, 2013

      Huge thanks to you for a comment that just made my day Lily. Italy brings out so much emotion in just about everyone I think. It’s my pleasure to share it with people who get the picture. x

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