People will talk

Mattina a Piazza ItaliaDSC02950Family chat Corso VannucciThe gang of bar gesu'step sitters Piazza iv novembre


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    • janinevasta March 16, 2013

      Thank you Cathy. I remember what a people person you are, and I wonder about the differences you must find living in the UK. People watching is one of my favourite things in Italy I have to say. xx

  1. jann March 15, 2013

    They all look so Italian! Love the good old boys at the Jesus Cafeteria. You’ve got a fellow in suspenders, one with a Sicilian coppola… Are there men in Italy named GESU (like in Mexico where you can find lots of Jesus-es), or is this place named for the real deal???

    • janinevasta March 16, 2013

      This one’s named for the main man, Jann. The bar’s right opposite the Chiesa del Gesu’ and possibly attracts a bigger congregation from what I see – and I took enough photos of that place to fill a small book! I haven’t come across anyone game to name their child Gesu’ in Italy though I know in latin america it’s a different tradition. Interesting.
      Buon weekend cara! xx

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