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I love mornings wherever I am. But in Perugia my favourite time is much later, when the sun is low and the shadows in the skinny streets feel like arms outstretched letting go of the day little by little.

It’s also the time when the aroma of freshly made pizza al taglio fills the air… which kinda just seals it really.

Pizzeria via dei priori Perugia


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  1. Helen March 24, 2013

    “…when the sun is low and the shadows in the skinny streets feel like arms outstretched letting go of the day little by little.”

    Simply beautiful Janine. I adore the long shadows of a warm summer’s evening – really makes me nostalgic for some sunshine. Pizza is good any time tho!

    • janinevasta March 24, 2013

      You have Spring around the corner Helen, though it may feel a way off yet I hope it’s closer than you think…. Thank you for the lovely words of your own. Staying close to the seasons is more and more important to me. Good pizza though is almost always a good idea, I totally agree!!

    • janinevasta March 24, 2013

      Thank you jann! This little hole in the wall has been pushing out the pizza since I’ve been coming to Perugia and I’d say a good long while before that. I’ll put it on our Perugia itinerary. 😉 Buona domenica tesoro! x

    • janinevasta March 25, 2013

      Thank you!!! You got my mood in this post exactly and that makes me so pleased I have to say. A little bit dreamy but with feet and tummy firmly on planet earth. I bet you know the pizzeria too, the one in via dei priori…?

  2. Cathy Powell March 26, 2013

    Mornings are my favourite time in Italy Janine. Heading to a bar for a cornetto and a coffee. But this post reminded me of how inviting pizza al taglio places can be. Am now craving pizza (Italian pizza), not the frozen supermarket kind I had last night for dinner. I just love your second sentence, just beautiful expression. Have a great week xx

    • janinevasta March 27, 2013

      Let’s face it Cathy, wonderful, unpretentious, beautiful food is at the centre of life in Italy, whatever the time of day! Your words are very kind. Thank you so much! I didn’t have to work too hard. Just cast my mind back a few months… 😉

  3. Robyn April 5, 2013

    Such poetic words, Janine. I think you could write a book of poetry about Perugia! The local tourist office might appreciate it as an endorsement of how Perugia touches the hearts of those who live there, and love it.

    • janinevasta April 10, 2013

      A project we will soon be able to think about over dinner in Perugia, Robyn! Such a lovely thing to say, thank you. Though I could never do justice to the way I feel about this place… x

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