About last night

I’ve often thought about these two, perched by the fountain in teeming Piazza Barberini the evening before I had to leave Italy to come back to Melbourne last July. It was a hot Thursday and there was the partita with gli azzuri playing later on so Rome was in a frenzy  piu’ del solito. I guess that’s why these girls cut such a cool contrast. They consoled me I think, looking back. As long as people still had time for one another, like these two did, everything was going to be all right.

Chattin by a fountain, RomaChatting Piazza Barberini

But then again, for all I know they were talking about the game.


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  1. jann March 29, 2013

    Their profiles are similar; in fact the more I look I’m wondering if they’re twins! “Have time for one another”–Italians still do & it’s a great lesson I’m learning here.

    • janinevasta March 29, 2013

      Love hearing that Jann. Thank you! Must say it’s always great to have perceptions reaffirmed. But it’s so true. I’m a much happier person one on one. Never been much good at parties!! Maybe that’s why I was so taken with the twins 😉

  2. kayrpea61 March 29, 2013

    Fun to caption the moment you captured, isn’t it, Janine? I think the fellow leaning on the post wants to get to the game, but his girlfriend (pink top) isn’t ready to leave her cerebral conversation, nor should she want to. There’s more to life than a football game.

    • janinevasta March 29, 2013

      Could not have put it better myself. Although in Italy a strange sensation overcomes me and I start to enjoy even the football! I’ve always said I’m quite a different Janine when I’m in Italy!!

    • janinevasta April 1, 2013

      Grazie Lisa. I hope, in fact I am certain, you’re enjoying time for all the things you love and have waited so long for….in Italy. I will be there again late April and May. Just a few weeks but could be a chance to come and lend you a hand for a day…. I’ll be in touch. xx

      • Cathy Powell March 30, 2013

        Quite Janine and the signora in red may have just been to the bancomat and is now reorganising her bag. I wonder if the man is listening in to the ladies’ conversation. I wonder what they were talking about 🙂 Great captures Janine.

      • janinevasta April 1, 2013

        Cathy, we could write a novella at this point….. We would make a good apir I think! Thank you for your sweet words. Buona Pasquetta! xx

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