I think this wall was trying to tell me something

Patchwork wallAbout reinvention and using old experiences to build new ones. That it’s worth it.


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  1. jann April 9, 2013

    So cool, Janine. I’d like to have an archeologist walk me through an explanation of this. Old medieval arched door? 1960s white blinds??? Great photo that says so much about il fascino of Italy.

    • Janine April 10, 2013

      Classic Jann observation. Priceless and I utterly agree. I love your idea, though even an archeologist may struggle with the rationale of the blinds in the window. I love it though. The prosaic, just fill it in and cut it out again attitude only adds to the beauty. And Perugia is dotted with these sorts of walls…. I feel another post is in the wind. xx

    • Janine April 10, 2013

      Quite so Ken. Still I love the resilience and layers of past lives on show. I design for a living but I love the free-form approach here. It’s as if the building’s strong enough to take the changing needs of the generations. Character I call it 😉

    • Janine April 10, 2013

      Hello Cathy! Yes, in Perugia. It’s a very typical wall you’re absolutely right. Lovely that this shot bought back some memories….When are you coming back to Italy, at least to visit the old stones…? 😉

      • Cathy Powell April 10, 2013

        It did indeed Janine. Not sure when I might return to Italy (I’m hoping maybe summer for a bit of warm weather 🙂 )

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