Back to the wall

Panchina TrentoTwo windows DSC07510 DSC07504


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  1. anyone4curryandotherthings May 2, 2013

    Like all the photographs, but the “bench” one is best. I can understand your feeling, living here, but wanting to be there. Dont leave it too late if you ever seriously want to move – you would need all your strength and good health to make this gigantic step. Would it be worth your while? Italy is soooo beautiful – and your blood may be calling you here. but, having all said that “…. the grass is NOT always greener on the other side!” I understand Melbourne is also very beautiful – just different 🙂 Carina

    • janinevasta May 2, 2013

      Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. It is a strange life I lead. I think you’ve gathered that;-) and the dilemma. Timing is the thing. I am so fortunate to be able to get to italy as often as I do and I take nothing for granted when I’m here. Everyday is a gift. I’ve stopped trying to see too far ahead… Melbourne is home base but we can’t help where we belong. 🙂

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