Handle with care

Corso Bersaglieri doordoor knob PerugiaPerugia doorconcave knobPanelled door PGPull handle


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  1. jann May 24, 2013

    Love those knobs smack dab in the middle! And the mail hanging out the boxes. These run-down doors and walls could be in Sicily… are you sure you’re in Umbria??? 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

    • janinevasta May 24, 2013

      Buongiorno Jann. Haha, quite sure. It’s certainly green enough, no beach and lots of rain. But I’m far from complaining. The doors are keeping me busy enough. Bacioni tesoro. XX

  2. Robyn May 30, 2013

    It’s great to see the humble door handle getting some recognition. How many hands have touched them, over how long? What moments have they witnessed, and stories could they tell, if only they could talk?

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