Thought bubble

Billboard bicycle


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  1. Shelagh June 18, 2013

    Oooh, I like this one. A tabula rasa for scribbling life’s dreams. Goes well with that previous photo of the archway made in fits and starts and filled with differing materials (the one I felt looked like my life).

    Can I use these as illustrations in my blog? With due credit, of course! They’re very evocative.

    • janinevasta June 18, 2013

      You make me smile Shelagh. I love the blank page. Nothing says potential to be more.

      Of course you may use the images. That they should evoke emotion beyond my own is its own reward. xx

    • janinevasta June 18, 2013

      O dearest Nina, but I am now back here – in Melbourne. Alas, I had to get back – to my parallel life. I would love instead to be with you all there a full summer and beyond. Soon I hope. We will see each other next time though. Un abbraccio forte

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