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    • janinevasta June 30, 2013

      Who knows we won’t meet up in Milano some time soon as well. Via Manzoni is such a bustle. I prefer the quieter streets and I’ve discovered the best place for an aperitivo just off via Sant’ Andrea if you like. In fact I know you would!

      • Debra Kolkka July 1, 2013

        I love the Armani cafe for the stylish people, but I also love the quiet streets. I know Via San’ Andrea well. A trip to Milan together sounds like a good idea.

  1. kayrpea61 June 30, 2013

    Things I remember about Milano – the trams; the Duomo; the Galleria; Princess Di’s funeral shown live on a TV therein; Milano Centrale; two waiters conversing across the entire width of the dining room at the Hilton (c.1993, business trip – I was the sole diner); and a taxi driver, taking me to Trecate, describing another driver as “cretin” – it was the only word of Italian he spoke that I understood at the time!

    • janinevasta June 30, 2013

      Ha Ken. You are priceless. I love this word picture. Grazie! I think the Milanese taxi drivers are among the most professional in Italy – even if they don’t spare the language at times.

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