Kerb appeal

red car elettricitawhite parked car Perugialavorazione artiginaleParked cars borgo sant'antoniored letter garageTabacchi black parked car Perugia


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    • janinevasta December 27, 2013

      Thanks you Deb! What a wonderful wish….. just what I would wish right back for you. It’s a long story…. I have been away from most things bar the one pursuit that should see me back in Italy more often – and not just in the virtual sense. And yet life and God 😉 works in mysterious ways! I feel like I might be taking the scenic route if you know what I mean. But get there I will.

      Wishing you a wonderful cosy holiday season in Italy….. xx

    • janinevasta December 27, 2013

      Dear Ken! So happy to be back and in time to wish you and your tribe a very happy holiday season. I hope you’re well and bright as ever! I have been busy but meanwhile wordpress had also played a nasty trick by switching off alerts to all the blogs I follow…..I thought it was something much more serious though and when I finally had time to take a look it was an easy fix and I feel so silly…. Not to mention all the great things I’ve been missing out on.

      I hope you didn’t think I’d abandoned you all forever 😉

      • kayrpea61 December 28, 2013

        This was my first post for two months, Janine, so you haven’t missed anything of mine. No excuse other than different priorities.

  1. jann December 27, 2013

    Janine–I love these old style hole-in-the-wall stores you’ve captured. Sicily, unfortunately, has discovered the shopping mall, and some of the little mom-and-pop shops are disappearing. Boo hoo. Have a wonderful 2014!!!! Tanti auguri e baci…xxxxxxx

    • janinevasta December 28, 2013

      You too Jann!!!! With bells on! 😉 I would have hoped Sicily would be holding on to its old ways longer than the rest of Italy….It’s funny isn’t it. Of course all the shopkeepers in these shots would likely complain about how tough it is nowdays…. Thank you for another wonderful year on your blog. I love it so! Bacioni tesoro xxxxxoooooxxxxxx

    • janinevasta December 28, 2013

      Janie….thank you sooooo much. This year has swamped me with work – all in the name of Italy I might add! Still it seems that the harder I try right now the further away the objects of my desire…. I hope your road is easier 😉 Plus I look forward to getting back to your blog too. I have been missing out on so much and miss you all so much…. Un abbraccio forte e tanti auguri anche a te! xox

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