Let there be light

DSC09449 DSC09448DSC09452


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  1. jann March 5, 2014

    Sometimes it’s hard, in Italy’s little medieval alleyways to find LIGHT, that all-important ingredient for photos, but you’ve found it, Janine! You always made me “homesick” for Umbria. xxx

    • janinevasta March 6, 2014

      Did you know, Jann, that Santa Lucia (for who this lovely sunny side street is named) was a Sicilian. From Syracusa no less! I found that out only after your lovely words and loved the connection. I am happy to be the one to tug your heart – maybe I’ll haul it all the way back up to Umbria one day!

  2. kayrpea61 March 5, 2014

    “… and there was light”. That is so clever, having green moss in the B&W and not in the colour. I suspect electronic trickery here. 🙂 As always, well done, Janine.

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