Stuck on you

Stuck on you Perugia

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    • janinevasta March 15, 2014

      That’s interesting in Itself Cathy🙂 I hope it made sense in the end… though I am keeping it moody and a bit cryptic😉 these days I have to admit. Thanks for hanging in there😉 xox

    • janinevasta March 17, 2014

      Exactly Jann…. Well as best I can remember, it was a seemingly ancient hoarding around a building. Obviously in Perugia. You know how long those things can hang around in Italy. It reminded me if a cubist painting by Georges Braque…. Do you know what I mean?🙂

  1. marilovesgr33n March 19, 2014

    mi sconvolge sempre il modo incredibilmente acuto e sottile che hai di cogliere dettagli che per me ormai passano inosservati. Continua sempre così. Il tuo blog è una raccolta di “italianità dimenticata”. tvb

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