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gas meters PG


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  1. jann May 10, 2014

    Those 4 rectangles, the vertical pipes, and the droopy white cord make for a wonderful “abstract” artsy shot, Janine!

    But on a more practical note, what in the world happened to the covers for these gas meters? How very odd. When I got mine installed, ENEL told me to be very careful about locking the cover so no one could get in to fiddle with the counter.

    • janinevasta May 13, 2014

      Thanks Jann. Ever the abstract eye!!! I was actually hoping YOU might be able to shed some light for me on the WHY. I can only guess it has to do with the energy levels of the people whose job it is to read the meters in question….. A mystery in search of a solution…. xxx

    • janinevasta May 13, 2014

      Too kind Cathy! Thank you! As I say, it was a trend that had unfortunately taken hold in Perugia. Not a great look I’m afraid but another obscure one I had a duty to share 😉

    • janinevasta May 13, 2014

      Well that’s something! This sort of things annoys me endlessly. I have no idea why the meters are the covers are off, but it was a trend that had taken hold unfortunately. In PG at least…

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