Lucky colours

Totip verdeDSC09759DSC09760


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    • janinevasta June 1, 2014

      Jann you know I’ve only ever played once… never really understood what was going on though. Do you like the colour filters. It’s an effect on the camera itself. I know you’re much more of a photo editing buff than I am. I am flat out staying ahead of instagram and photogrid. It’s fun though I agree. A great way to refurbish old images, memories even. Buona domenica cara amica! xx

    • janinevasta June 1, 2014

      Well I can understand how that would have put you off Deb! Somehow I’ve always had a soft spot for the lotto graphics and signage in Italy though I can remember playing only the once.

    • janinevasta June 1, 2014

      What an amazing gift Ken. Thank you. I’ve had a huge week I’m afraid and hadn’t granted myself the huge pleasure of listening to dear Judith until just now, Sunday evening Melbourne time! She was my first idol. I remember wearing my long dark hair over one shoulder in an effort to emulate her now iconic look. I must have been about 3….

      Who would have imagined she’d come back to me via a blog about another big passion…. A big hug to you! xox

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