It’s only words

neanche oggiGarageCarne signNon Blocchi la portasign handlesole 2sole 1paroletutte le cose


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    • janinevasta June 8, 2014

      As was I Ken…. The images are photos I took of an street art installation. From what I gather, it’s a statement about the way the media only gives us snippets, sound bites and not the whole story. I loved it though for the classic Italian handwriting 😉

    • janinevasta June 9, 2014

      Well Jann, I guess I actually did climb up on someone’s roof… Just that in Perugia it’s called walking up the street! I think you’ll remember what I mean 😉 Grazie cara xxxx

  1. Marinella Rauso June 9, 2014

    wow! this is one the most interesting post ever. So many words in the oldest cities of my Country and once again I have never noticed it. “non blocchi la porta” is my favorite. It’s the perfectly formal and gramatically corrent. Weird for this sort of things.
    Enjoy your start of the week.

    • janinevasta June 9, 2014

      Grazie Mari, anche a te! I love your responses so much. As a native, you are bound to have a totally different way of seeing things. The ultra formal language of the sign struck me too. Formality is one of the aspects of the Italian language I love and, of course, it’s inseparable from the culture of the place itself.

      You know, you have made me try to see the little things that are utterly familiar to me here, in Melbourne, in a new way. I literally try and imagine what Mari would see…. Buona settimana amica! xxx

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