Bring on the night

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  1. jann June 29, 2014

    ha ha–go upscale and give your shop a (pseudo) French name. And Bar Uno + Uno: a place to hook up? Sometimes I wonder about the names Italians choose for their shops and restaurants–we have a new “trendy” bar in my village (way too New York for my taste) called MAD. Every time I look at the name–splashed large across the piazza, I get arrabiata.

    • janinevasta June 30, 2014

      There I was all maudlin and melancholy over this post Jann and you shine a whole new light on the subject!!! 😉 O my, I know just the type of ‘try-hard ‘ bar you mean….and they would have only ever seen NY in their dreams. As for the name….. ti capisco! xxx

    • janinevasta June 30, 2014

      Small mercies perhaps Ken…. I think the Perugini have a long way to go to catch up to Amsterdam. In fact it’s rather in the middle of two schools as I recall so maybe 1+1 really does equal 2…. 😉

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