Bless their cotton socks



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    • janinevasta July 19, 2014

      Now that’s an interesting perspective Ken. I think the ceramics might have been made closer to the spot. Maybe Deruta? You might know it from your travels…. It’s another hill town where lots of gorgeous majolica and brightly coloured ceramics are still made, on the road to Assisi. Inspiration though comes from much further away, I tend to agree 😉

    • janinevasta July 19, 2014

      Ah well Jann, cosa vuoi che ti dica 😉 Perugia must have had a church on every corner once upon a time. Some very tiny indeed if this store is anything to go by. It took me years of visits to look up as I was always being careful not to step on anyone’s feet was I was sauntering around the hosiery. I also noticed the poor staff have the magazzino underground in a vault I assume… accessed by a very narrow spiral stair. But that’s very much Perugia too as you know. I am sure the Calzedonia stores in Sicily are far mor spacious at least! 😉

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