A bit on the side



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    • janinevasta August 26, 2014

      Dear Nina! Thank you so much. You know, I read your last post and was so moved. I wanted to leave a comment and saw what a beautiful family circle you have. I didn’t want to intrude somehow…. Silly, I know. I actually feel missed which is bittersweet. The pond is wide for this little black duck but next year I’ll be back for sure… Ti abbraccio! xx

    • janinevasta August 26, 2014

      Hehe Jann. Now you’re exaggerating just a little bit here but I’m pretty proud of this effort I have to say 😉 All those layers remind me of a pastrami sandwich somehow. Not that I’ve even had one but you know what I mean…. Thank you dearest girl! I hope your Sicilian summer’s been a dream. xo

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