Hanging on by a thread



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  1. kayrpea61 November 17, 2014

    Another great capture, Janine, especially in the detail when magnified. A couple of ladies in my immediate family could spend hours in that shop 🙂 … and I love the reflected street scene also.

    • janinevasta November 18, 2014

      Thank you Ken. You are always so attentive to the detail too! These are the precious little specialty shops Florence and so many Italian towns were full of years ago. It’s such a pleasure to find them still in amongst the tourist fodder and high street chains.

  2. Helen November 18, 2014

    May all these shops have many more years ahead of them – or I fear every town centre will look exactly the same. Sometimes there really is no substitute for getting on the spot advice from these specialist shops and I think we should support them whenever we can. They are also a great opportunity for practising my dodgy language skills…

    • janinevasta November 18, 2014

      Oh Helen! You are so in tune with these things and I couldn’t agree with you more. These little gems are touchstones of a time when each shopkeeper was also the keeper of skills and expertise as you say. It must have made shopping so much more social too. Hehe, now I know why I find myself chatting endlessly to shop girls and guys in Italy when at home I can scarcely get out fast enough!

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