Only on occasion



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    • janinevasta May 5, 2015

      I was at school under the Dominicans and the black and white are the colours of the order. The San Domenico basilica in Perugia is across the road from this flag. I almost felt like a school girl again!

  1. kayrpea61 May 5, 2015

    Good to see you are back in form, Janine. Speaking of occasions, I am amused that 25 April is an important day in La Bel Paese, and it is nothing to do with our ANZACs 🙂

  2. jann May 5, 2015

    So pretty, Janine! I’m so sorry that I’m not commenting much on your blog; for some reason my Internet server (TIM) here in Italy is incredibly slow and often doesn’t allow me to pull up your posts, (tho I have no trouble pulling up the ny times, for instance). Not sure why. xxxxxbaci

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