Going with the flow 

I’m not in Italy just now. I’m in Australia, overdue for a next trip to Italy. But I can’t get there just now. I’m going with the flow in the hope that everything will workout ok.

I mean it could be worse. It’s January and instead of freezing I’m in holiday on in Queensland on the Gold Coast, swimming and taking early morning walks with sand between my toes most of the day. Italy, I know, isn’t going anywhere and while my heart’s desire awaits I’m going with the flow. Making the most of every day and trusting in myself and the universe are my ideals for the new year. So far so good. How are you going?


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    • janinevasta January 11, 2016

      Thanks Deb! We are enjoying the sunshine and the best beach in the world! Arguably. Brisbane isn’tt on the list but I would still love to see and hear more of what you’re up to. Busy as ever! Will email you!x

    • janinevasta January 13, 2016

      When is the next pop up Deb. I’ve been thinking of you and feeling inspired. Staying on the beach for this trip. When are you heading back to BdL? Keep cool till then… It so hot today. ☀️

    • janinevasta January 13, 2016

      Ciao Carina! Grazie! The pull of Italy is something that never really leaves you isn’t it? Once you fall in love it’s for keeps! I hope the new year brings you closer to your dreams and that you stay a happy dreamer while you wait. x

  1. jann January 11, 2016

    Going with the flow seems like a recipe for a healthier happier life rather than bucking the current, though I suppose there are times when a bit of bucking is called for. Tante belle cose, Janine! Buon anno! May you make it to Italy in 2016. xxxx

    • janinevasta January 13, 2016

      I’m glad you agree Jann. Maybe taking things as they come and living in the moment will do the trick and i’ll soo be back in Italy … To refresh my 📷📷📷 if nothing else 😉 I’ve definitely tried bucking the trend…. Though you would possibly have guessed that!

      Looking forward to your posts and pics. Keep the faith! A presto e buon anno di cuore. Jxx

    • janinevasta January 13, 2016

      I am writing this reply quite suitably while sitting on the arch. It’s hot and I’ll have take a dip as soon as I finish here. I know you have come to appreciate summer all the more since living in theUK. Sending you lots of sunshine Cathy… And the uniquely Australian smell of suntan lotion on the salty sea breeze. xx

  2. Helen January 11, 2016

    Sounds lovely there – we have rain in the French Alps and could really do with some sunshine. Enjoy the beach and leave any thoughts of the northern hemisphere until Spring! X

  3. Graziella Brincat January 14, 2016

    Hi there, I’m in Malta, also thinking o Umbria, also counting the days when I finally get to go there. Weather here hasn’t turned yet, we are still in Spring which is not really such a good thing. We are definitely closer to Umbria than Australia but the reasons holding us back are more emotional so we might as well be there. Here’s to working things out in 2016 so we can go back to this magical place. 🙂

    • janinevasta January 24, 2016

      Graziella, grazie! Emotional blocks can be the biggest obstacles. When the time is right though who knows if we won’t cross paths on Corso Vannucci. I hope it works out for you too! In bocca al lupo!

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